Espressif Systems ESP32-WROOM-DA Wi-Fi/BLUETOOTH® MCU Modules

Espressif Systems ESP32-WROOM-DA Wi-Fi/BLUETOOTH® MCU Modules that come with two complementary PCB antennas in different directions. These modules have the same layout of pins as ESP32-WROOM-32E, except some pins are not led out, facilitating quick and easy migration between these two modules. With two unique antennas designed on one single module, ESP32-WROOM-DA can be used to develop IoT applications that need stable connectivity over a broad spectrum. It can also be used to deploy Wi-Fi in challenging and hazardous environments or overcome communication problems in Wi-Fi-dead spots. This module is ideal for indoor and outdoor devices for smart homes, industrial control, consumer electronics, etc.

At the core of the module is the Espressif Systems ESP32-D0WD-V3 chip. The chip embedded is designed to be scalable and adaptive. Two CPU cores can be individually controlled, and the CPU clock frequency is adjustable from 80MHz to 240MHz. The chip also has a low-power coprocessor that can be used instead of the CPU to save power while performing tasks that do not require much computing power, such as monitoring of peripherals.

ESP32-D0WD-V3 integrates a rich set of peripherals, ranging from capacitive touch sensors, Hall sensor, SD card interface, Ethernet, high-speed SPI, UART, I2S, and I2C.


  • CPU and on-chip memory
    • ESP32-D0WD-V3 embedded, Xtensa® dual-core 32-bit LX6 microprocessor, up to 240MHz
    • 448KB ROM for booting and core functions
    • 520KB SRAM for data and instructions
    • 16KB SRAM in RTC
  • Wi­-Fi
    • 802.11b/g/n
    • Bit rate (802.11n up to 150Mbps)
    • A-MPDU and A-MSDU aggregation
    • 0.4µs guard interval support
    • Center frequency range of operating channel
      • 2412 ~ 2484MHz
  • Bluetooth
    • Bluetooth V4.2 BR/EDR and Bluetooth LE specification
    • Class-1, class-2 and class-3 transmitter
    • AFH
    • CVSD and SBC
  • Peripherals
    • SD card, UART, SPI, SDIO, I2C, LED PWM, Motor PWM, I2S, IR, pulse counter, GPIO, capacitive touch sensor, ADC, DAC, TWAI® (compatible with ISO 11898-1, i.e., CAN specification 2.0)
  • Integrated components on the module
    • 40MHz crystal oscillator
    • 8MB SPI Flash
  • Antenna options
    • Onboard dual PCB antennas
  • Operation conditions
    • 3.0V to 3.6V operating voltage/Power supply
    • –40°C to 85°C operating ambient temperature
  • Reliability


  • Generic low-power IoT sensor hub
  • Generic low-power IoT data loggers
  • Cameras for video streaming
  • Over-the-top (OTT) devices
  • Speech recognition
  • Image recognition
  • Mesh network
  • Home automation
  • Smart building
  • Industrial automation
  • Smart agriculture
  • Audio applications
  • Health care applications
  • Wi-Fi-enabled toys
  • Wearable electronics
  • Retail and catering applications

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Espressif Systems ESP32-WROOM-DA Wi-Fi/BLUETOOTH® MCU Modules
Publicado: 2021-11-15 | Actualizado: 2022-03-11