EPCOS / TDK EP Ferrite Core Transformers

EPCOS / TDK EP Ferrite Core Transformers feature high inductance and low overall height for power applications. The EP 5 and EP 6 series are suitable for high precise feedthrough gapping and are designed for small interface transformers and filter chokes. The EP 7, EP 10, EP 13, and EP 20 series are designed to IEC 61596 specifications. The EPO 13 series is a lower-profile version of EP 13 and is 1.6mm lower than EP 13 transformers with distortion performance close to EP 13 and compatibility with EP 13 coils. EPCOS / TDK EP Ferrite Core Transformers are available in gapped and ungapped versions.


  • High inductance
  • Low overall height
  • Available in gapped and ungapped versions


  • Switch-mode power supplies and all types of converters
  • DC/DC inverters in xEV applications
  • Current measurement in 48V onboard power supplies
Publicado: 2016-02-09 | Actualizado: 2023-07-19